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Instructions to follow before the operation:

1 – Before the operation period of two weeks you should stop using drugs such as aspirin blood aspirin and other drugs …..

2 – You should not drink alcohol completely before the operation period of 3 days of the operation.

  1. Inform your doctor of all medications you use for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, blood pressure, tuberculosis, acute diseases, etc.
  2. Antidepressants, anticoagulants, etc. should not be taken for 2 weeks before the procedure and please inform your doctor if you have taken any of these medications during this period.
  3. Do not put any topical medication on the scalp and hair before the operation

6 – Wash your hair before the operation and do not use any hair fixer or cosmetic after washing

7 – Make sure to get a snack before the operation.

  1. At least 24 hours prior to the procedure, if possible, do not smoke, if you can not try to reduce them, remember that smoking will prolong the healing process.
  2. Be sure not to drink coffee or any other type of caffeine or tea at least 3 days before the day of the operation, as it increases the bleeding and sensitivity of drugs used during the operation
  3. Do not take any type of vitamin containing vitamin A or B before the operation one week because it will increase the bleeding.
  4. Since you will not be able to drive for 12 hours after the operation, if you will come in your car, make sure another person is with you
  5. You should bring easy-to-wear clothes such as a shirt and this kind of clothing for easy wearing after the operation.
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