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Hip Aesthetics

Brazilian Butt Lift:

Like all our physical characteristics of the body, the structure of the hip and back is done. If the hip structure is beautiful, exercise, body care and healthy nutrition will be sufficient to maintain it However, if the hip structure is genetically poor or has deteriorated over time, these undesirable manifestations can be removed by some surgical methods and with the influence of culture and folk fashion, women have stopped seeing beauty only in the face but also in the body and giving it more importance As a result, an increasing number of women are paying more attention to this, and the inconsistent appearance of the hip and the big butt makes the appearance of the legs short and deforms the relative appearance between the upper and lower parts of the body. At present, the shape of the hip and the round and prominent rear end is the shape most women aim at.

The processes that are performed for the hip and the back are several of them are by liposuction or injection of fat with buttocks and the hip to get the desired shape Or by implanting silicone in the rear or by surgical operation. All these methods are performed under general anesthesia and it takes 2-3 hours depending on the method used. These surgical procedures can be performed alone or together to achieve the required hip shape For example, liposuction will be from parts containing too much body fat and reshaping of the hip and back is required either by re-injecting these endogenous fat into the hip and back or by implanting silicon Because liposuction and fat injection is a technique and injection technique, this technique leaves no marks on the hips and back The patient can return to his daily life in a short time. However, as with other methods, the doctor should choose the right one for each patient. The most appropriate candidates for this technique are middle-aged youth where the skin is not very sluggish and the subcutaneous tissue still maintains its strength. For people who have undergone the process of implanting the silicone at the butt, they should know that after the operation they can feel pain in the area of the buttock while sitting and standing. The silicon implants are performed by placing the silicone under the muscles to ensure the appearance of the buttocks in the shape and strength required in this process The cracks are made from a small invisible area so there are no definite scars and for people who have a large skin droopy in the back area and have lost a lot of fat under the skin so that the connective tissue under the skin has lost strength or older to this category The best solution for them is the process of buttocks where The excess and loose skin will be removed and these scars will not be very clear because they will be under the outer wear. This solution will help the patient to get a buttock and a tight end.

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