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Face Lift

The side of people reflected in society is undoubtedly their faces. In this respect, having a beautiful face that looks young and rested will ensure that people are happy and successful in both private and business life. Because people see their faces before talking to each other and make the first expression according to him. It is a well-known fact that the self-esteem of the people who have a more beautiful face and get rid of the image they do not want or dislike on the face with face aesthetic interventions is also known.

Facial aesthetics, young, rested and beautiful methods to provide a variety of methods. These methods can be grouped under two main headings as non-surgical applications and facial aesthetic surgeries. Non-surgical applications include adipose tissue and filler injections, laser treatments, botulinum toxin (Botox or disport) injections, suspension methods, and so on. The surgical method is the technique known as face lift. Sometimes good results can only be achieved by applying non-surgical methods. However, if significant sagging occurs on the face, it should be carried out by face lift surgery and the tissues hanging down should be transported to their original places. To obtain the desired result from face lift surgery, sometimes filler, oil injection or botulinum toxin (botox or disport) applications may also be required in the same session or after 1 week 10 days. For this reason, the plastic surgeon chosen by the plastic surgeon who prefers to have facial aesthetics should be examined very carefully and whether the details and additional applications are needed should be discussed at length.

Face lift operations:

Face lift operations can be performed with different techniques to beautify, rejuvenate and give a more aesthetic appearance. Although these operations are mostly performed with general anesthesia, they can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation in limited interventions and elderly patients with health problems.

We can classify face lift surgeries according to the tissues included in the stretching process, according to the shape of the incisions, or according to the parts of the face.

Face lift operations according to the parts of the face

o Face lift

o Mid-face lift

o Neck lifting

o Stretching the whole face

Face lift operations according to included tissues

o Stretching of skin tissue only

o MACS lift

o SMAS face lift

o Composite face lift (subperiosteal)

Face lift operations according to the shape of incisions

o Bicoronal incision

o S-lift

o Short track face germ

o Endoscopic face lift

It is very important to see, examine and fully understand the expectations of the patient in order to decide which of these techniques should be applied to the patient, and whether an additional filler, oil injection or botulinum toxin (Botox-Disport) is required.

If we consider the face as a whole in face aesthetic applications, it becomes clear that parts of the face should be evaluated separately. Eyelids should be evaluated while performing face lift operations and at the same time it should be decided whether the eyelid aesthetics (Blepharoplasty), whether the eyebrows will be raised or the lips will be plumped.

Endoscopic Mid-face and Forehead lift – rejuvenation:

In facial rejuvenation operations, it is necessary to evaluate the forehead and upper eyelid, the lower eyelid and mid-face area without distinguishing each other. In recent years, it is possible to intervene in the forehead, eyelids and mid-face by making endoscopes much smaller. The excess skin in the upper eyelids may be due to the fact that the brow and forehead are low. Instead of sharp transitions between the middle face and the lower eyelid, if the soft transitions are achieved, the young and aesthetic appearance will be much better. Endoscopic face lift operations; it is usually performed in people aged 30-45 years who do not have excess skin, but whose forehead and middle face are displaced downwards by gravity.

A few small incisions of about 1 cm are made through the hair, a telescope that transmits the image to the screen and a dissector for performing surgery can be used to remove forehead and eyebrows. The mid-face surgery is entered through a 1 or 2 cm incision made through the mouth again with the help of an endoscope, and the operation is completed by lifting or lifting the middle face up by transferring the image to the screen. Midface surgery can also be performed with an under-eye incision for eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty), so that no incisions are made in the mouth. Endoscopic face lift is the deepest face lift technique. In this technique, facial tissues are released through bone tissue (subperiosteal plan) so that all facial tissues can be moved up.

Endoscopic face lift surgery is performed with a much smaller incision in a shorter time than classical face lift surgery. But not every ageing face is suitable for this surgery. People with sagging tissues but no excess skin are suitable candidates for this surgery. In patients with skin excess, classical face lift techniques should be applied or combined with endoscopic face lift.

The applications on this page which provide information about facial aesthetics can only be performed by specialist physicians and in fully equipped hospitals. Since the facial structures of the individuals show very different characteristics, it is not possible to plan the surgery without consulting the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery specialist.


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