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Surgery Center

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Body Aesthetics

In some cases, healthy meals and exercise may not help to reach the desired external shape of the body. For such cases, the surgical procedures are able to reshape and correct the body through several operations combined

Fat grafting

One of the most important features of the process of fat injection is the redistribution of body fat from an aesthetic perspective, where the suction and extraction of fat from areas of the body that suffer from local obesity and fat accumulation, and then re-injected in other areas suffering from thinness and atrophy and to increase the size of areas that are transferred The fat injection and its formation especially for the face and also for other areas of the body.

Facial Aesthetics

The side of people reflected in society is undoubtedly their faces and this side reflects and shows everything and having a beautiful face will make you happy and successful in both private and commercial life.


Is not a way to get a weak body for all cases, but it is used for some cases that suffer from accumulation of fat in some areas of the body more than others, which leads to deformity of the external body and with the development of techniques and tools for liposuction, ways of anesthesia and intensive care all helped to eliminate the amount of great fat.

Stem Cell Therapy

In terms of plastic surgery and non-surgical beauty, stem cell treatment is evaluated in many treatments including cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic, since stem cells have great potential, especially in skin regeneration.

P.R.P Treatment

Platelets are blood components that contain the “growth factors” needed to repair damaged tissue in the body and return to normal state.

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