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Recovery Process

The time for results to show

After the surgery right away the planet hair will grow after 2 weeks to 1 month from the date of the surgery the hair will start falling and after 3 to 4 month from the date of the surgery the planted hair will grow again and results will start to show 70% on the 6 to 7 months after surgery and it will keep getting better until you reach a year then it will show the last results.


Washing hair after the surgery:

You should wash your hair daily after day 2 from surgery in a very lightly for 20 days as its shown below:

For the first 10 days you should start applying lotion on the planted area gently ad lightly for 15 min after that you may put the shampoo on top of the lotion and wash all the head gently with warm water after washing you may dry the head with light towel by pressing with the towel on the head only after the 10 days there is no need to apply the lotion you can use only the shampoo and same way for another 10 days after that you may go back to the normal washing after the day 20 from surgery.


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