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PRP Or Plasma

Plasma is a component of blood, which contains special elements or proteins that help to clot the blood and contains a protein that supports the process of cell growth, scientists have been able to produce plasma by separating from other components of blood and provide a focused. The entire idea revolves around injecting plasma into the injured tissue, which is to be repaired, so that it can be stimulated to regenerate, grow better and help heal it, which can be used for the face or for strengthening weak hair.

Plasma injection preparation:

Plasma injection is performed safely. A blood sample is taken from the patient itself, which is treated by some of the substances that prevent blood clotting. The blood sample taken from the patient is then separated into the centrifuge. To be injected by plasma injection either in the face, hair or any other affected area.

Plasma injection for face:

There are many reasons and situations where plasma injections are used including:

1- The effects that appear on the face with age, such as skin drooping, weakness and loss of freshness and soft touch

2 – Scars in different facial skin such as those that remain after treatment of acne, which leaves the grooves and holes and scars in the skin.

3 – Incompatibility of skin texture and color, such as the presence of black or dark circles around the eyes, help the plasma to get rid of them, and helps to remove the pockets that are formed in the skin either as a result of aging, fatigue, exhaustion or disease or whatever

4 – It has other cosmetic uses topical such as the process of supply of lips and highlight and beautify, and proved the plasma ability to effectively help the hair to grow so it may be used by some in the process of hair transplant and used by others in the cultivation of beard

You will not find a magic solution immediately after the injection of plasma to the face and will not go out of the injection process, look in the mirror and find yourself got rid of all the defects that you entered for only thirty minutes, it is far from logic! Plasma need time to take full treatment so if you want to see the effective results you have to patience and compare in the long term every period will touch the change occurred then

Plasma injection damage to the face:

No serious and serious damage has been observed so far, but only minor and potential effects disappear quickly.

Another important thing is to examine the blood of the patient himself before injecting plasma to make sure that it is free of diseases and viruses because their highness may cause him disease and infection and instead of the treatment of facial skin will increase the injection worse and show a new problem.

The other effects are very simple, such as swelling or simple redness in the skin where the injection and disappears alone after several days and rest, and the slow appearance of the results one of the disadvantages that bother the users do not show results to several weeks or a month of injection, 3 sessions between each session and another two months but then you will not need to hold any sessions again ..

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