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Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells can be used for aesthetic purposes and for surgical operations and their primary use is for aesthetic purposes, which have great potential especially in the regeneration, regeneration and revitalization of the skin. It is a very effective treatment to remove the old face, where cells are used from the same patient, where the patient remains far from allergies and many other side effects, a treatment that does not look like Botox and Feller permanently, the results are permanent and more effective unlike other substances.

Renewing the ageing area

The stem cells obtained from the patient itself allow regeneration of the skin and the areas affected by aging This treatment is done in 3 stages. First, a certain amount of the patient’s blood is taken by the vein. After this, this amount is placed by a special separation device that separates the blood cells from each other and extracts the stem cells from the blood and is yellow or close to the yellow . It is injected by injection into the skin.

Hope for non-closing wounds

In addition, stem cells can treat skin-related diseases such as incurable wounds or scars. Stem cell treatment reveals the most inspiring results of these difficult clinical problems. It can also be used in the field of cosmetics. It rejuvenates the skin and treats wrinkles. The deformed area can restore its natural structure.

The difference between stem cell injections and other treatments:

In non-natural syringes made from a laboratory, the body’s absorption rate can reach 70%. However, for the stem cells taken from the patient’s own body, the absorption rate is higher and better and more durable results can be achieved.

Treatment of burns:

Third degree burns are one of the most difficult situations faced by plastic surgery. At the Leif Medical Research Centre, research has shown that stem cell therapies can replace chronic burns to ensure a healthy appearance.

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