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Salmon DNA

Treatment of salmon vaccine

The DNA treatment of salmon is applied scientifically in two phases. The first stage is the moisturising process. The hyaluronic acid regulates the moisture lost by the skin, where the skin infrastructure is prepared to begin treatment. This infrastructure is being prepared for approximately two weeks The resulting serum is then injected into the subcutaneous salmon milk Thanks to this treatment, the protein deficiency of the skin is completely eliminated due to negative factors such as UV rays, alcohol and cigarettes. In this way, the skin is rejuvenated and revitalized day after day. By stopping the ageing of the skin, in this way it is possible to keep ageing away from our skin, which reveals its effects by renewing and revitalizing the skin.

salmon vaccine

Over time the impact of environmental factors will inevitably deteriorate skin quality. Where the collagen and elastin fibers are broken and hyaluronic acid differs in the body in terms of quantity and function. The skin appears drier and less flexible and to get rid of these problems can be used salmon treatment.

What is PI System?

It is a clinically proven protocol that offers a brand new and superior approach to skin resurfacing. This protocol supports the skin structure, strengthens and provides deep skin hydration. Increases skin firmness, elasticity and radiance with collagen and elastin stimulation. Prevents radiation damage caused by UVB. Enables active skin regeneration and configuration Smooth, healthy looking and with a brighter skin, the person gains a new glow. The polynucleotides (Salmon DNA) and hyaluronic acid molecules that form this protocol are all natural elements of the body and are a patented technology developed by Mastelli Bio-Pharmaceutical.

What is Salmon DNA Mesotherapy?

Salmon DNA is a substance called polynucleotide that promotes cell production. Used in skin rejuvenation.

How to use salmon DNA mesotherapy?

It is given with tiny needles under the skin. It can be used in combination with or alternately with mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid that moisturises the skin.

How does salmon DNA mesotherapy change the skin?

Salmon which is a cell regenerator prevents skin from sagging by increasing collagen, elastic fibres. Reduces loss of elasticity. Relieves wrinkles, especially around the eyes.

How often should salmon DNA mesotherapy be administered?

Salmon DNA mesotherapy can be applied according to the needs of the skin in 1-5 sessions at 1-3 week intervals.

Can salmon DNA resume normal life after mesotherapy?

After salmon DNA application, business and social life can be continued. There is only a slight redness on the skin. It’ll go back in half a day. Sometimes there may be small bruises on the skin the next day. Can be covered with makeup


Is salmon DNA mesotherapy used with other skin rejuvenation methods?


Salmon mesotherapy is more effective if used in combination with lasers, radio-frequency or alternately. Salmon DNA accelerates the repair of wrinkles if mesotherapy is applied before botox. If used together with filler, it increases the sagging and wrinkle effectiveness of the fillers.


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