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Rhinoplasty is the process of reshaping the nose through this process in a manner consistent with the features of the face and depending on the size of the nose Although rhinoplasty is an attempt to correct the shape of the nose, it is possible to correct the problems of breathing due to cartilage and bending of the nose or the enlargement of the conca known as the flesh of the nose in the same process and in patients with deviations and If there is a curvature and deformity in the outer appearance of the nose, it is very important to correct the function of breathing and deformity in the same process because the nose is the most prominent organ in the face and there is any minor deformation or errors makes it prominent and secondly being the primary organ of the breathing process it is necessary when giving a new shape of the nose If there is a disturbance in the respiratory function for this reason it can be said that the process of rhinoplasty is an operation that depends more on the surgeon’s experience and skills so meeting the doctor before the operation is very important. It is essential for the doctor to know the patient’s expectations and to understand whether these expectations are realistic and to inform the patient about the extent to which these expectations are met.

The nose of all people in the world has different characteristics in terms of bone, cartilage and skin structure. Therefore, the results will be different among all patients after surgery. The nose skin of the cartilage and bone properties will eventually play a major role where very good results can be obtained in fine noses and cartilage And bone formation Or equally good results in the nose of weak cartilage with dense fatty nasal skin, the goal is to create a nose by a good size and size and a good breathing function taking into account the features and other facial formations and  If the length and height of the nose are relatively smaller than other facial features of the face, cartilage, bone, nasal expansion and extension can be performed to correct this ratio.

Rhinoplasty can be performed after the nose has been developed. This limit is about 16-17 years for young girls, 17-18 years for boys.

Although rhinoplasty can be performed by general or local anesthesia, general anesthesia is preferred. Where the operation is performed through the incision in the nostrils, there is no visible scar at the end of the operation in the case of narrowing the wings of the wide nose, there will be cracks 5-6 mm long so that the wound or scar remains in the folds of the nose. However, these marks do not attract attention because they are in full folding mode.

Rhinoplasty takes about two hours. Because of the long-term local anesthetic performed under the nose skin during surgery, patients do not suffer from postoperative pain. However, some swelling and bruising occur. The most common swelling and bruising usually disappears the day after the surgery completely within a week. Contrary to what is supposed to be, rhinoplasty is a very painless process for the patient after the operation, where the nasal bandages are removed after two days, changes are made to the plaster on the fifth day and the plaster is removed completely on the tenth day. At the end of 10 days, the patient will heal and there will be swelling in the nose and face. Although these tournaments will disappear largely after one month and get the final result within 6 months.

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