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Liposuction & Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction (vacuum fat removal) and body shaping is the technique of removing locally collected excess fat deposits. With this technique, fat collections on the arms, knees, lower legs, trunk, back, breast, neck, under the chin and more often on the thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, and abdomen and re-shaping it.

Twenty years ago, the body’s fat were shaped and done by surgical incisions. The result is unwanted scars, which would make patients unhappy. But nowadays the technique has developed and the surgeries are done without any cuts only by entering through small holes, removing the fat with vacuum and correcting the body shape where this technique revolutionised the plastic surgery. Patients and doctors were very happy with the results.


If you are considering liposuction, the first step you should take is to consult a plastic surgeon. Keeping in mind that the desired outcome is correction rather than perfection, the patient should openly discuss his expectations of looking and feeling good after surgery.
Emotional balance is one of the most important factors that should be determined before any plastic surgery. Liposuction can correct the shape of your body lines but it cannot change the way you live. Aesthetic surgery can improve your appearance and reassure yourself, but the rest is up to you.

Liposuction is not a remedy for obesity as it is not a method that can be applied instead of weight loss that can be achieved through diet and exercise. It is an appropriate surgical technique for selected cases and not all the cases. Your surgeon may recommend that you perform an operation in which the skin and fat tissue are removed by or instead of liposuction (dermolipectomy).

The secret to the success of body shaping with liposuction lies in the fact that the fat cells and some of the fat receptors (around 50%) are absorbed by the fat absorbed by this technique so that the excess fat cannot be collected in these areas as before. When planning body shaping, and you should be aware of the difficulties that related to Liposuction, for example: the second surgery maybe to some cases who suffers from the accumulation of large amounts of fat, in rare cases who may suffer from accumulation of fluid under the skin after surgery and this cases is not common and rare and incase it happened these difficulties can be minimized by following the surgeon’s recommendations and following up.

Liposuction, Vaser Hi Def for Women The
latest trend in Liposuction (VASER): VASER

Liposuction surgery, as everyone knows now, first of the body area to be taken with the fat is inflated with some specially prepared saline solutions, small cannulae through the small holes in the skin is entered by entering the process of removing this fluid and also fats. This is not done to lose weight or reduce body size. The purpose of the procedure is to eliminate “contour disturbances.. Basins, waist, abdomen, knees, thighs, upper arm region and tickle area are the most common areas of this procedure in women and men. Liposuction is also a method applied in men in cases of pseudojinecomastia (increase in fat in the male breast). Contour disorders in the body may not be only in the form of excess. In some cases, such as collapses and asymmetric disturbances, the procedure may be to remove the fat from that area, but not to give it. For this reason, some doctors prefer to use the term liposculpting instead of liposuction. In this case, the fat is taken from some places and after this special fat can be given to the deficient areas.

Liposuction is an operation that does not have too many complications and allows the patient to return to work-home life in 1-2 days. It may take a little longer for patients to return to their full active lives, and the amount of fat taken depends on where they are taken from and how they are taken. Degreasing is a mechanical process. The cannulas inserted into the fat tissue through the small holes in the skin are moved back and forth by the doctor and the machine at the end of a hose connected to these cannulas performs suction. During the procedure, the doctor tries to correct the area that fat is taken from by inserting and removing cannulas of various thickness, length, shape and tip type. This procedure is both exhausting for the physician performing the procedure and traumatic for the patient. The reason for the swelling and bruising of the patients depends on the trauma during this suction procedure and causes the most important postoperative complaints of the patients; pain, swelling, bruising.

Sometimes these complaints can take quite a long time. Since this mechanical trauma caused by the cannulas affects the surrounding tissue as well as the adipose tissue (nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue), such complaints are inevitably the result of liposuction.

This is where VASER Liposelection (fat selector) comes in. This device, which we call VASER in the following section, uses ultrasound waves to break down and emulsify adipose tissue, leaving the surrounding tissue (nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue) relatively intact. This makes the postoperative period easier for patients. Pain, swelling and bruising levels of VASER patients were lower than those of conventional liposuction patients.

In VASER procedure, as in conventional liposuction, general, local or sedation anesthesia is performed. Then, again, where the excess of fat is injected, specially prepared liquids and the part up to this is not different from classical liposuction. The special cannulas of the VASER device are then inserted into the adipose tissue (3-4) mm with small holes drilled through the skin. Since the high frequency sound waves produced by the device are adjusted according to the density of adipose tissue, it only causes the disintegration of the cells in the adipose tissue and emulsification of the fat. In the meantime, the surrounding tissue was not affected much. Then, by gently massaging this region where the oils are melted, the oils are mixed into the previously given solution and this oil liquid mixture is taken out with suction cannulas inserted through the same holes.

With the effect of the sound waves on the subcutaneous adipose tissue, there is also tension in the skin during VASER. This stretching of the skin is thought to contribute to the good results of VASER, but this has yet to be proven in clinical trials.

VASER is a very advantageous method for the patient and the physician who will perform the procedure, but it requires more experience than classical liposuction. In fact, it is technically more difficult and more expensive. In addition, as in liposuction, it does not reduce “cellulitis nor striae on the skin. There is also a risk of dangerous complications such as creating skin burns on hands without inexperienced plastic surgery expertise. However, if applied correctly, patients will have a comfortable postoperative period and the results are very satisfactory for the patient and the doctor.

A new alternative to the liposuction method that has been applied for years: Vaser liposculpturing. Can not be expelled from the body in the removal of fat diet and sports, implemented in 350 centres in the United States and the American drug agency to receive approval from the FDA ‘vase is Liposelection’ method is now starting to be implemented in Turkey as well ..

The vaser liposculpturing method, which leaves less damage after the operation compared to classical methods and has no side effects such as pain, swelling and bruising, is now being applied in İzmir. Liposelection the Vaser procedure set forth in this behalf, also started to be applied recently in Turkey.

In this application, adipose tissue is removed by advanced surgical technique. This is called liposuction instead of liposuction. Because ‘selection’ means original, special and this is a machine that selects the special fatty tissue. Liposuction’da fat is vacuumed while partially supporting the tissues. This new method eliminates the damage. As the damage is eliminated, this method collects the skin more, prevents sagging, and the fat receiving area becomes more regular.
This is a very special set. This device dissolves fats in the body. In other words, it makes it like olive oil and makes it into cream.

This system, which combines a new patented technology with advanced surgical techniques to disperse and destroy adipose tissue, is the eye of women all over the world. With this method, without any diet program and exercise, unwanted fats, arms, legs, neck, chest, knees, hips, back of the body is desired to be tightened in any part of the effective way.

Using ultrasonic energy technology, Vaser breaks the fat tissue with its sound waves, corrugated shaft design and absorbs the tissue it breaks through its special channel system. During this process, connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves are never damaged. Vaser liposelection, which is preferred by the patients because of its pain and bruising, creates miraculous results. Physicians have the opportunity to work in more delicate and thin areas such as chin, neck and arms with the Liposelection Method performed with the

This method can be applied to all parts of the body. Thanks to this method, open surgery may not be necessary especially in breast reduction operations. We also use it for breast fat seen in men. In addition, unwanted fat from the abdomen, arms, back, buttocks, knees, waist, neck and chin, can be effectively removed from the legs.

After the surgery, bruising and swelling is low because the healing process is faster. Because it is a more refined process, people return to daily life sooner after the surgery. Another feature is the ‘ultraselective’, that it knows the fatty tissue very well. Because of this feature provides a softer recovery.


Extremely safe. The most important feature of this operation is that it does not damage the surrounding tissue consisting of nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue. Medical complication that can be applied to every part of the body, even to the face is an extremely rare operation. Since local anesthesia is applied, there are no risks that may arise from general anesthesia. As the fats are liquefied by ultrasound, it is possible to obtain homogeneous fat. It does not require stitches because it is used with very thin cannulas, so there is no suture scar. However, there may be a point size trace depending on the region studied. When working with sensitive cannulas that do not damage the tissues and vessels, recovery is quick and effortless.

How To Perform Surgery with Local Anesthesia?

The area and quantity to be taken from the fat are determined. After the injection of a melter containing local anesthesia for easy removal of the fats, the fat that are liquefied by ultrasound are drawn through thin cannulae and syringe.

Does the fat comes back after pulling it out?

The number of fat cells in the body is certain. The obesity does not occur with the increase of these cells, but with the expansion of volume. If Vaser liposculpturing takes 70 of the 100 fat cells, the remaining 30 fat cells are not 31. In the case of weight gain again, even if the remaining 30 cells expand, it never happens, as does the expansion of 100 cells. Therefore, after the oil has been removed from this area, the same area fat will never come back at the same rate.


Do not take Aspirin and Vitamin E two weeks before the operation. Do not apply any cream to the body the day before the operation.


Sports and massage can be started after a week. It is possible to accelerate the healing time with the correct massage. Make sure that the drugs are taken without interruption. You can take your first warm shower two days after the operation. You will wear pantyhose stockings or special corset for one to three weeks depending on the area applied.

What are the differences between Vaser Liposculpturing and Liposuction?

You may have received negative sensations about liposuction applied with old technology. The differences between Vaser Liposculpturing, which is a more advanced and safe method, are listed below.

Local anesthesia is preferred unless the area is very large.

In Vaser Liposculpturing, fats are drawn with very light pressure using small cannulas. Therefore, the surrounding tissue is not damaged and the formation of waveform irregularities during healing is minimized. Large cannulae are used in liposuction. Since fat is drawn with great pressure, a deteriorating process is done which damages the surrounding tissue and the possibility of wavy skin appearance is high.

At Vaser Liposculpturing you can walk home right after the operation is over. In Vaser Liposcutpturing, the patient should wear a tight socks or corset for one to three weeks. Liposuction is obliged to wear a special corset for three to four weeks.

In Vaser Liposculpturing, edema disappears in four to six weeks. Liposuction’da edema in the body completely takes a few months to heal.

Since Vaser Liposculpturing is a softer and functional method, tissues and veins are better preserved. Liposuction’da fat pressures during the use of large tissues to be forced, damaged, can be bleeding.


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