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Jaw problems are very diverse and many patients notice jaw defects when they consult a doctor to perform a rhinoplasty and jaw problems:

1 – jaw length normal but backward.

  1. The jaw is short and backward.
  2. The jaw is long and backward.

In our country, the most common jaw problem in patients presenting to us is the position of the back of the mentum with the short jaw tip. In this case called hypoplastic mentum, the jaw tip of the patient is small, short and behind, the submental region appears narrowed, so the patient always seems to have food. The nose also looks very large compared to the face. If only a nose operation is performed in such a patient without performing chin surgery:

  1. The nose must be made too small to fit the nose into the small jaw, in which case the nose loses its naturalness, breathing problems may occur in the patient and is particularly undesirable in male patients.
  2. Or a natural nose is made without considering the jaw, in which case the patient complains that his nose is still big despite the operation and he is not satisfied with the operation.

What needs to be done, then, to eliminate the lack of jaw tip of the patient. This operation can be performed in conjunction with nose surgery or alone. How far the jaw tip will be advanced and / or how long the jaw will be extended is decided during the preliminary interview during the study on the profile pictures on the computer. In various international scientific publications, augmentation mentoplasty (jaw tip enlargement) is required in 15-25% of patients who apply for all rhinoplasty, while mentum hypoplasia (jaw tip smallness) is present in approximately 25-45% of patients presenting in our country. However, the importance of mentoplasty needs to be explained to the patient as only a small number of these patients are aware of the condition.

How is Mentoplasty made?

There are several methods of augmentation mentoplasty. These include:

  1. Fat injection: The fat from the waist or abdomen of the patient or under the food is given to the jaw tip after some treatment
    3. Cartilage placement
    4. Insertion of the jaw tip prosthesis: silicon, etc.
    5. Surgical incision of the jaw bones and advance to the front.

Although all of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, the most commonly used and more advantageous method is fat injection. The advantages of this method are:

  1. Since the process will be done with your own fat, it does not cause any allergic reaction.
    2. Since the amount of fat that can be given can be adjusted as desired, the magnification can be carried out as much as we want.
    3. The naturalness of the jaw tip after oil injection is better than others.
    4. It is not a major surgical procedure and does not prolong the operation time and recovery time.
    5. There is no risk that the injected fats will be rejected by the body.
    6. An incision is not made.

This method may sometimes require a second fat injection to enlarge the jaw tip slightly. However, a single injection to the jaw tip and mandibular contour is usually sufficient.

Compared to other methods fat injection:

  1. More expensive
    2. Higher risk of complications
    3. Implanted or injected foreign body may be rejected or reacted
    4. Intervention to the jaw bones prolongs the patient’s recovery in the postoperative period and is more laborious than others.

As a result, the jaw structure of a patient presenting with facial care should be taken into consideration and if necessary, augmentation mentoplasty procedure should be offered to the patient and the details of this operation should be explained to the patient. Although patients who have applied to a doctor for nose surgery only do not realize their problems with the jaw at first, their reactions are generally positive when they are not informed about a new operation very warmly.


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