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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, although aesthetic surgery, although non-aesthetic purposes can be performed. Women with large, sagging breasts are exposed to medical problems ranging from back, neck pain and skin irritation to respiratory problems due to excessive breast weight. Bra straps can cause deep scars on the shoulders. Too big tits can make the woman or young girl feel extremely shy and timid. It is possible to get rid of such complaints caused by large and flaccid breasts by breast reduction operations.

This procedure removes fat, breast tissue and skin; The nozzles become smaller, lighter and firmer. During the same procedure, the diameter of the dark skin ring around the nipple called ‘areola’ may also be reduced. The goal is to give women smaller, more beautiful shapes and breasts proportional to her body. THE MOST SUITABLE CANDIDATES FOR BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY:Breast reduction surgery is performed for physical relaxation rather than cosmetic healing. Most of the applicants for surgery have problems with very large, sagging breasts; In most cases, breast reduction is not performed without completing breast development, but it can also be done at an earlier age if the size of the breasts has caused severe physical discomfort. The most suitable candidates for this surgery are those who have reached the maturity to fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations.


In the first evaluation, it is very important that the patient clearly expresses his / her expectations. Breast examination and measurements will be performed and photographs will be taken in order to compare the preoperative and postoperative period. Your surgeon will discuss with you the variables that may affect your outcome, such as your age, shape and size of your breasts, and the condition of your skin. You should also discuss the new location of the nipple and areola; because this structure will be raised higher during operation and should be at the same level as the line behind the nozzle.

Breast reduction techniques are very varied, but most of the most common procedures involve ‘incision’ in the form of an ‘inverted T’. This incision surrounds the areola, lies down and follows the natural line behind the breast. Excess breast tissue, adipose tissue and skin are removed; The nipple and areola are moved up, in new place. Then, while the breast tissue on both sides is joined around the areola and in the midline, new lines of the breast are formed.

Again, depending on the structure of the breast, mamm vertical mammoplasty ”, is, an incision extending downward from the brown part of the chest, can be performed. In this case, only a straight trail will remain. In some cases, this trace may be “small t” or “j”. However, these techniques are not applicable to very large breasts.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an operating room under hospital conditions. The operation takes about 4 hours. Whichever method is applied, no trace remains around the nipple. However, these traces are apparent at the beginning, which may become vague over time. The degree of postoperative scars depends on the size of the breast, the surgical method used, and the ability to leave marks on the skin of the patient.


Elastic bandage will be wrapped on the thin dressing after the operation or dressed in a surgical bra. Drains may be placed on the sides of both breasts to remove blood and fluids that may accumulate within the first 1-2 days. Although breasts can rise up within 1-2 days, sometimes the breasts may ache for several weeks.

Lifting or pushing something heavy should be avoided for 3-4 weeks. Your surgeon will give you detailed information summarizing your normal activities. Many women can return to social activities and, if not too tiring, within 2 weeks.

Postoperative tissue swelling may cause some loss of sensation in the nipple and nipple skin. This usually disappears within 6 weeks. In some patients, this loss of sensation may take 1 year or more; it can rarely be permanent. As a result of the incisions made during the breast reduction surgery, traces will inevitably occur in the suture lines. Although these marks are more distinctive and reddish in the first months, they will soften and become whiter and less visible in months.

Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction surgeries are the fastest resulting in changes in physical appearance. You will get rid of the physical discomfort caused by the big breasts; your body will become more proportionate and your clothes will fit you better. Those who know you may even think that you have clearly lost weight.


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