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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction treatment replaces the lost breast due to cancer treatment. Breast Reconstruction can be administered at the time the breast is first taken or after a certain time has elapsed.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer with women. Although the disease can be treated without an early diagnosis, it is necessary to remove the whole or a certain part of the breast in order to prevent the spread of cancerous tissues throughout the body. A woman whose breast has been removed does not feel psychologically good, she feels incomplete or ugly. Breast reconstruction treatment is very important for women. Breast reconstruction should be planned together with the general surgeon and plastic surgeon.
Several different techniques are used in the treatment of breast reconstruction. These techniques are the treatment using the patient’s own tissue or the use of foreign materials such as prosthetic silicone and similar materials. The factors that will be considered after the general interview are the general health structure of the patient, especially whether the patient has undergone any operation through the abdominal region and the condition of the healthy breast. For this reason, patients should not expect the same ratio of both breasts.


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