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After Operation

Instructions should be followed after the Operation:

How you feel after the operation of agriculture depends on the technology used and the area of baldness implanted, but the pain that you will feel after the operation is not great pain and can be controlled using painkillers.

As for the bandage around the head, it is usually removed on the second day after the study and then you begin washing your head gently daily.

1 – should be kept away from heavy activities because it increases the flow of blood to the scalp may cause the movement of seedlings planted from place as well as bleeding, so avoid heavy movement and sport for at least 3 weeks after the operation and for the same reasons, recommend not to engage in sexual intercourse for 10 days After the operation

  1. Be sure to use medicines prescribed to you by your doctor regularly

3- Within 3 days after surgery avoid hard work, • Excitement, • Gastrointestinal constipation, • Sports, • Sexual intercourse

  1. You can start light daily activities after one day of operation.

5 – You can start light exercises after two weeks

  1. Do not smoke until the 15th day, but if this is not possible, it is best not to smoke during the first three days
  2. In the first three months, avoid long-term sun exposure and if you need to stay in the sun during this period, you should wear a hat
  3. After the operation, there will be a temporary loss of sensation in the back of your head as in all surgeries. This is due to the small surface nerves that have been damaged during the process of picking and growing the bulbs. This is normal over time.

9 – Do not drink alcohol during the period of taking drugs of the process.

  1. Make sure that your head is not exposed for a period of two weeks immediately after the operation
  2. Anesthesia fluid may be removed from the head at the back of the head after surgery. This condition is common and does not cause concern

12 – Be careful to sleep on the back for 15 days after the operation

  1. Hair can be shaved with scissors after one month of operation and can be operated with a machine or blade after 6 months of operation
  2. Be careful not to bend the head down for the first week after the operation to prevent the descent of anesthetic fluids of the face, which in turn can cause swelling of the face

15 – Although very rare after the operation, there may be a slight swelling in the area of your forehead after the second or third day in this case it is preferable to put ice packs on your forehead in addition to the drugs described after the operation, which will help remove this swelling in a very short time, If you do not interfere with this swelling, you will disappear within two days so you have to worry about it.

16 – The head should be washed daily after the second day of the operation and very lightly for 20 days in the manner described below

For the first 10 days you should start applying the lotion on the cultivated area and lightly and leave it for 15 minutes. Then put the shampoo on top of the lotion and wash the entire head gently and with lukewarm and light water. After washing you can dry the head with a thin towel with a slight pressure on the head only. Use only the shampoo and use the shampoo and continue the same way for another ten days and then you can return to the normal washing method after the 20th day after the operation

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