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Abdominoplasty (abdominal abdomenoplasty) is the most effective of abdominal aesthetic and belly surgery operations. Each pregnancy deforms the abdomen. Belly aesthetics are also impaired. In the second, third births, twin pregnancies and pregnancies with high weight, the deformation increases. Abdomen skin becomes abundant and cracked. The connective tissue that forms the abdominal wall also loosens and the abdominal wall protrudes forward and swells.


Abdominal stretching is the only application that can solve all of these problems at once, which is almost impossible to correct on your own after pregnancy. By doing sports, you can correct your abdominal sagging or stretch marks by applying skin treatments.


HOW TO IMPROVE ABDOMINAL TENSION SURGERY This surgery can destroy the cracked skins in your abdomen, removes your excess fat and also restores your old wall back to its old tension.

What happened so far was good news. The bad news is that this surgery has some drawbacks. Once the majority of the cracks on your navel can not be removed with this surgery. But these cracks become much less pronounced. This surgery will remain in your bikini, but leave a scar twice the length of the caesarean section.


  1. Abdominal muscles are shifting from the midline to the edge, trying to make room for the baby, but they cannot return to their original position after birth. Thus, there is a flexibility in the abdominal wall and a bulge in the front, as if there was gas.
  2. Cracks occur on the skin, especially on the lower abdomen.
  3. All this comes on the weight taken during pregnancy. Many mothers cannot return to their old weight after birth. These excess weight remaining in the body most accumulate in the abdomen waist and upper legs. As a result of this fat not only around the navel and around the waist and groin sagging, wrinkles and fat deformation such as seen.

Cracks: There are many changes in the prenatal mother’s body. As the baby grows, the abdominal muscles of the mother relax and begin to open over time. The abdominal skin also expands and tries to make room for the developing baby. In the last months of pregnancy, tension increases so much that the strands of collagen in the skin that provide its strength begin to tear. These tears, especially seen on the underside of the abdomen, appear as cracks on the skin surface. Mothers who have twin babies or who have had their second or third pregnancy or who have gained uncontrolled weight during pregnancy are more likely to develop these cracks.

It should be in mind that the same cracks can also occur in people who gain and gain excess weight. Even this type of skin sagging and malfunction can be seen even in men. As a result, if the skin is stretched over its capacity, the skin may lose its elastic structure and cracks occur.


In this operation, the skin which is cracked and sagging is taken from the level of caesarean section through a line from side to side to the navel. The skin remaining above the belly button is stretched and lowered. The belly button is being rebuilt. If necessary, the excess fat around the abdomen is taken with liposuction.

Relaxed abdominal muscles are tightened to restore their old stiffness. For this, a suture technique similar to that used in hernia surgeries is used, and the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall are folded and strengthened.


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